Adventure Blog, post 1

Hello all.

My name is Mark Mulville, and here is a quick background story to why I am starting this blog.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been obsessed with wildlife, exploring, adventures, and the great outdoors. My parents would take my brother and I camping any chance they could. Most times while on these quick excursions, we would either hike or canoe, in search of wild animals (mainly dangerous ones, since being raised in Florida). At that time, I just kept the images and stories in my head. As I got a little older, and technology advanced, I was able to use my cell phone to snap photos of up close wild animals, and situations… These days, I use a real camera, and get even closer to the animals, which make for a much more appealing photo.

So with all that said, I decided to start this blog for my photos, and some words.

Below are a couple shots I snapped while out and about.

I hope you all enjoy,

Mark M.1-gatorthe-gator-eyescb-waves


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