February 9. Wild Florida

People always ask me:  How do you see so much wildlife? My response is typically the same….I look for it! Wildlife doesn’t always come to you. You have to seek it out, and sometimes its right in your neighborhood.

While riding around on my bike near home (Cocoa Beach) yesterday, I stopped at a random spot along the Banana River to take a quick break. I happened to see something moving under the water right in front of me, so I waited. Finally, a manatee pops it’s head up for a quick breath of fresh air, then heads back under the surface. After a bit of underwater eats, it found a nice patch of grassy goodness floating on the surface. I then watched the barnacle covered sea cow munch it’s way through the entire patch, before heading off.


After my manatee sighting, I took a drive to Merritt Island where my friend Josh tipped me off about a massive Bald Eagle nest, which was now said to be housing a Great Horned Owl. As soon as I arrived, I seen the huge nest. I wandered below it for a few minutes, but didn’t see any owls, or eagles, just a nest. I finally found a good viewing spot. So I posted up and waited… After waiting patiently for quite a while, I see a head peek over the edge and stare me down. There it was! The great horned owl! we locked eyes for a while, then it closed them up and took a nap, right in front of me. This was definitely a worth the wait.


What’s a Florida adventure without some Alligators in the mix…

From the owl location, I headed out to a spot on North Merritt Island, hoping to find some Bald Eagles. Instead, I found one of my favorites: the American Alligator!  While on a nice bike ride around the lake and through the woods, I seen about 6 gators, anywhere from 2-7 feet in length. Nothing massive, but still amazing as usual.


And that was how my Thursday, February the 9th went.

Get outside and explore!

-Mark Muville


2 thoughts on “February 9. Wild Florida

  1. Amazing, I love the photos and the story, I too have always loved to find animals in any setting, Florida is a great place for it. I look forward to your blog updates


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