February 16. Wild Florida.

Sometimes, my favorite wildlife adventures are quickies… I find a good location, then try to cover as much ground as possible in a short amount of time.

Today’s adventure was just that. I drove to a spot not far from home. Grabbed my bike and camera, then proceeded to wander. For the first 10 or so minutes, my only encounters were a few different types of beautiful birds (which was not bad in any way).


But per usual, I was looking for a bit more danger. That’s when i turned a corner down a trail to see a 4 foot alligator, mouth open, sun bathing. I knew it was on from there! My next gator encounter was an easy 11+ feet long, and also soaking up some winter sun rays!


Those two beauties were just the start!

As I peddled further away from civilization, I see many many more gators ranging from 2-6 foot. But this one caught my eye for some odd reason.. I sat for a few minutes just staring at it, wondering what it would do if I approached it. So obviously, I walk a bit closer and stop! I stopped because it made some movement, and i didn’t wanna scare it off from its sun bathing spot. So I sat there now for a few minutes. A bit closer. A bit more in wonder. That’s when it started itching, like you’d see a dog, or a cat, or a bunny, or something with hair or fur do. This was honestly a first for me! To see an Alligator itch itself! To most, this is probably nothing, but I was honestly so excited with this sighting that I ended my adventure early on account of what I just seen. Knowing I would most likely not see something so different.


Florida is full of natural beauty, and wildlife! I am grateful for these adventures!

Thanks for reading.

Mark Mulville


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