Island Style. February

When I start getting antsy (which is always), I have to get up and do something. Typically my quick free times are spent just riding my bmx bike around near the beach, jumping off everything in sight. But, when I have more time to kill, it’s adventure time!

This past Friday resulted in just that. I had about 2 hours time to get out and about, so I took a trek back to Merritt Island to try and find some wild animals to hang with. At first, I just kept seeing animal foot prints, but no animals. I saw foot prints from: raccoons, deer, birds and bobcats….but no animals.island-prints

Even though I was out there partially to calm my antsy nerves, I was becoming more and more antsy from not seeing anything! Then, right as I am getting ready to call it a day, I spot some Horseshoe crabs in the water! I was pumped! I ended up seeing 18 shacked up horseshoe crabs, doing naughty things, right in public. Two of them were even getting dirty on a piece of 70’s shag carpet that was dumped in the water! island-crab

As I move on now, much more excited on the adventure, I spot something big off in the distance. It was on the other side of a good sized lake and at first glance, I thought it may be a pipe or something..It looked big! So I took a little journey to the other side to get a better look. Then, I make out what it is. It is a huge alligator! I ditched my bike, and got in stealth mode. Once I get closer, I notice this is a very large creature. It was at least 10 foot, if not much bigger. As I approached it, I got spotted. The alligator lifted it’s head up a bit to check me out.island-big I gave it a few minutes to relax and then I proceeded to inch closer, one small step at a time. I end up within 6 feet of this ancient creature, and then decided to stop. I didn’t want to scare it, as it was soaking up some sun rays. After a few more minutes of hanging out with it, the gator lowered it’s head, closed it’s eyes, and began to nap the afternoon away. At that time, I was a bit whooped to, so I took a seat down next to the gator and chilled out for a bit. It wasn’t till I got up to head back to my bike, that the gator finally opened it’s eyes. island sleep.jpg

This definitely turned out to be an exciting adventure. Not all wildlife excursions are successful. But when they are, It is such a treat.

It’s time for another adventure!


Mark M.


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