The good, and the ugly.

I was feeling like I needed a little bit of exercise yesterday, so I hoped the bike and took a stroll. Per usual I brought my camera along, just in case something crazy were to happen, or if some wild animals decided to pop out in front of me. Sure enough, I spot my first wild animal! Only issue was, it was dead. There was a 4-5 foot alligator, floating on its side in the water next to me. It was definitely a sight i was not expecting, or wanting to see.. mi-deathThis certainly bummed me out a bit, as I love these beautiful, beastly creatures. But I didn’t let that totally ruin the adventure, as I still wanted a bit more exercise anyway.

From there, I make my way deeper into the woods, and further away from any roads or people. Like a few of my recent adventures, I start to spot lots of animal foot prints! Besides the obvious deer and raccoon prints, I am still not quite sure what these tracks are from. I’d like to say either a large cat, or a coyote.mi paw.jpgNow I just want to come in contact with whatever animal is responsible for these. More adventures will be had in this general area, until I spot the culprit.

I was starting to get tired and near the end of my bike ride, but I was slightly bummed a bit. I was bummed about the dead gator that I spotted earlier in my ride.

As I got closer to my car, I look next to me and see a very large and beautiful Great Blue Heron! These are definitely one of my favorite birds. I am not one for birding, but I do love seeing these, and many other larger birds/birds of prey. mi heron.jpg

Get outside and adventure.


Mark M.




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