Bring On The Rains.

Usually by this time of the year, Florida would have already started seeing the Spring / Summer thunderstorms….but that has not been the case as of yet, leaving many areas bone dry.

I took a short trek over to the Canaveral National Seashores / Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge recently to see how this current drought has effected the area, and I will say, we are in need of some serious rainfall. Most of the shallow marshes and wetlands were totally dried up and looked almost like the desert, leaving many animals on the search for any waterholes they can find.40C8B692-819F-4118-A5D9-7EAA826F1D09

Even I was on the search for some bodies of water. Anything! puddles! After some searching, I finally came across a small portion of a creek that had enough water to house a few local creatures, which included my favorite: the American Alligator.


Also joining the scene were a fair amount of fish, which brought in the birds. There were tons of different types of shallow water wading birds, including: Herons, Egrets, and the always amazing Roseate Spoonbills!


Fun Fact: Like Pink Flamingos, the Roseate Spoonbill’s pink shade comes from their diet.

Now back to the adventure: Tensions seemed high with all these creatures packed in together. Birds were fighting over fish. Alligators were fighting off birds who were eating their fish, and the Raccoons were coming in to scrounge up anything they could possibly find!


When i got home from this fun / worrisome adventure, I looked at the weather forecasts expecting to see at least some rain soon…but that was not the case. Forecasts didn’t show anything for at least 7 days.

Hopefully the storms comes soon so we can stop all the wildfires breaking out, and keep these animals alive!

Thanks for reading, and GET OUTSIDE!!!

-Mark M.


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