Easter Adventure.

Everyone has their own way of celebrating holidays.. Some spend their time relaxing with loved ones, some go to the beach, some have a picnic at a park, or many other options. The woman and I like to get out and adventure!

It was an absolutely gorgeous Easter Sunday, here on Florida’s Space Coast, so we decided to do our usual, and take an adventure to a nice populated wildlife area. The temperatures were perfect for seeing Alligators, as it was a sunny 75 degrees. 75 is still slightly chilly for gators, so they were out trying to catch as much sunshine as possible.

In the hour and a half or so that we spent pedaling our bikes around, I’d say we saw about 15-20 Alligators, ranging anywhere from 1 foot to about 9 feet in length.




No matter how many times I see these beautiful creatures, it’s always amazing! Of course, I had to approach them and hang out, partially to see how they would react, and partially for the excitement factor.

Alligators were not the only things we saw on this little adventure! We also saw a bunch of birds, as well as a cute little raccoon that was prowling the waterline, most likely looking for eggs. The raccoon would scrounge around a bit, then pop up and take a look to see where we were at, and back down on the hunt.


I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Do yourself a favor, and get outside.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                                            Mark M.



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