Manatees Gone Wild!

When you think of Manatees, you think of gentle giants, sea cows, or even cuddly vegetarians (which is usually the case), but not always!

While on a recent bike ride, I decided to take a quick break at this little park along the Banana River in Cape Canaveral, FL. Partially to rest up a bit, and partially to see if the local Manatees were around. Per usual, I brought my camera along just in case they may be present, and present they were.

Right as I rolled up, I saw some hefty numbers, and hefty actions! It was like they were playing, or wrestling or something, then it dawned on me: It’s Manatee Mating Season!

man tee

There must have been 10 to 15 Manatees all in the mix, and I believe only one was a female… like Bald Eagles, it takes Manatees about 5 years to become sexually mature, and when they do, its go time. When a female Manatee becomes estrus, tons of male Manatees get wind of this and form a mating herd. At times, there are up to 15 males in the mix trying to pursue one female. It’s a pretty interesting, and wild sight to witness..

man teee

After about 20 minutes of watching this Manatee orgy go down, I started to feel uncomfortable, so I ended break time, and continued on with my ride.

Get outside and adventure!


Mark M.


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